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Primary Department

Starting School

When our students and their families begin their school life at Officer Specialist School they are welcomed by a supportive team who are ready to develop a partnership between home and school and make the transition to school a positive and happy experience for all.  School life begins in the Primary Department as our team helps to lay strong foundations for all future learning – physical, academic, personal, social and communicative. 

The early years at school are a time of discovery- the students are learning about themselves and their world, and our team are learning about each student’s strengths, abilities and needs. Families are an important part of the team around each learner, working to help students reach their potential and enjoy their learning journey.

Each student has an Individualised Learning Plan (ILP) with priority goals in each learning area.

As our students develop and move through the Primary Department, they consolidate and build on their skills. We aim to provide enriching and fun experiences, making students aware of the school community, the local community and beyond.

Students will continue to work towards the goals in their Individualised Learning Plan to take them to the next step in their learning. An important focus of our learning programs is developing the student’s ability to work cooperatively with others and their understanding that each student is an important part of our school community.

Just as we provided a bridge from home to the school community, we continue to provide support as students prepare for the transition to the secondary department and the opportunities that will bring.

Consolidating and Developing Skills

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